Heavy-Set Sexy, aka Ja'vion Mcvadian, born Harvey Sutton, was blessed with the breath of life on January 25th,1973 in Cambridge, MD. Raised by a single mother with one older brother and sister. He was first bitten by the performance bug his senior year of high school when he won first runner up at their annual senior talent show. 
            From there, Ja’vion participating in two singing groups and recording various singles, and performing under the stage name of “Baby Boy”,  Ja’vion acquired management from 2BMusic Inc, which was owned and operated by Barry Powell, and was terminated four years after it began.   
            Stage experience includes BCR (Black College Reunion) 1993-1995, including summer and winter talent shows in the Daytona Beach and surrounding areas until 2002. Using the name “Baby Boy”, Ja’vion collaborated with local hip-hop artist Spade to form the entity Ghetto Symphony Entertainment. Under this collabration, he recorded his first album, Journey Home, selling 100 CD’S through shows and face to face contact. Due to copyright issues, the name “Baby Boy” could no longer be used. Changing it to Ja’vion Mcvadian trademarked using the stage name Heavy-Set Sexy.
              Acquiring  independent label access with LFP Media and management under Ju-C-KayManagement in 2005. Recording “Mislead Feelings of Desire” his 2nd album in 2010 and making a music video for the first single “Someone for me”, again 100 copies were sold along with T-shirts and other memorabilia at the Jan 2010 CD party . 
              Under LFP Media, Ja’vion performed in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas,  New York  and North Carolina. After relieving Ju-C-Kay Management of their duties, Ja’vion stayed on with LFP Media learning better music business practices as well as artist development and staying on with this label until 2010. 
             That separation led to a third recorded LP “Illusions of My Reality” sparking a CD release party with an surprising amount of CD sales. He has since recorded three more music videos and has his CD on several online stores for purchase. 
             Through all of this he has dipped his hand into other ventures such as video production, recording and editing wedding videos and  music videos for himself and the hip-hop artist TNT Tha Nasty Tone, which can be found on YouTube. He has also set out and accomplished more than once; a place-a home for new, local and indie talent to be heard and perform, to get their stage legs. Not just musical artists, but spoken word and instrumental talent on his radio show and/or his Easyspeak Artist Showcase. He has met and networked with numerous celebrities throughout his career to include Steve Harvey, Dawn Richards, Wyclef Jean, Public Announcement, Marsha Ambrosius, Dave Hollister, Christina Aguilera, Lyfe Jennings, Shareefa, Joe, Ja Rule, Big Tigger, and the 69 Boys just to name a few. 
             Ja'vion, Heavy-Set Sexy, offers a commanding humbling, authentic, and romantic stage show. To describe him is to say, he is magic. He has an extraordinarily mystical influence and charm with and in his music. His entire approach to music is different, he is the new school version of old school R&B. His songs matching that heartbeat, being more focused on the mindset of his audience; he is very attentive and makes every effort for a priceless experience that wont be soon forgot. Having an infectious personality really comes through in his performances. His music touches your heart, mind and soul in a way that the song becomes alive in you. Now thats magic. Thats Heavy-Set Sexy. That's Ja'vion's magic. 
            **This Heavy-Set Sexy, Smooth Crooner understands that he may not be what the industry wants, but he will not stop until ALL can see that his talent is definitely what the industry needs.**